Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answer: Refilling has never been easier! No need to flip upside down—the top-fill humidifier makes cleaning and refilling quick and spill-free. You can either move or not move the top, it depends on the machine you will use to refill.

Answer: No, it doesn't make any noise when being turned on or off. It runs silently, how great!

Answer: These humidifiers doesn't wet the surface, so you can place it at wherever you think need moist air the most at your home.

Answer: Yes, you can use essential oil in all Livatro products.

Answer: Only Livatro Kids collection is BPA-free but other products/collections are safe to use. It won’t cause any damage to humans, pets, and plants.

Answer: No, our products don’t require a filter to keep them running.

Answer: We don’t think it’s normal for the humidifier to wet the surface it is being placed at. This might be the case with your OLD humidifier, that’s why our humidifiers are surface-wetting free.

Answer: Make sure the amount of water is not exceeding the MAX fill line (which can be found at the tank surface), and the unit itself is placed at a flat surface.

Answer:  If you did not claim your lifetime warranty, then your purchase would automatically be enrolled to a 1-year warranty period. Register and claim your lifetime warranty here.

Answer: You have 100-calendar days to return your Livatro product from the date of delivery. Head over to Livatro return policy to see the next steps on product returns.

Answer: Humidifiers can be helpful in lots of ways, as we are aware of, but it's important to keep them clean and well-maintained. Because a dirty humidifier can be a breeding ground for bacteria and mold, and if they start growing in a humidifier, they get sent out into the air and you can breathe them in.

It sounds awful we know, that's why we strongly recommend you to clean your humidifier once per week if you use it on a daily basis.

Step 1
Always UNPLUG your humidifier and empty the humidifier. Water and electricity can be dangerous together.

Step 2 - Clean the water tank
Add a little white vinegar or 5-10 drops of common detergent into the tank, and refill the water (about 1/4 of the tank), immerse it for 5~10min before brushing it.

Step 3 - Clean the water channel, base, and small parts (e.g. Atomizer)
Add 10ml white vinegar (the quantity can be adjusted based on the amount of mineral deposit accumulation), and allow the vinegar to drain into the reservoir to loosen mineral build-up. Let stand for 2-5 minutes.

Step 4
Empty the tank and base and use a small brush to scrub crevices and remove any stuck-on mineral deposits. For small parts like the atomizer, wipe with a clean cloth or sponge dipped in white vinegar.

Step 5
Rinse all the parts thoroughly and air dry, then reassemble.

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